Macy’s Military Christmas Commercial

I was watching the 2017 Jingle Ball on TV last night when a commercial for Macy’s came on. A little girl had brought up a bottle of men’s cologne up to the counter. She told the sales associate that it was for her mother. He said “Are you sure? This is for men.” The little girl said “Yes, it’s perfect.” The next scene showed her mother opening the gift and hugging the little girl. The screen then flashed to a scene with a sailor in his quarters closing his laptop to reveal the same bottle of cologne the little girl had bought for her mother. The final scene of the commercial showed the mother spraying the cologne on her husband’s pillow as she climbed into bed.

Watch it here:

This sweet commercial probably tugged at so many emotional heartstrings but I’m certain that it hit home for military families. It especially struck a cord with me because my husband and I were apart for pre-deployment training. So many folks take “family time” over the holidays for granted, but as military spouses, we know that it is time to be cherished. I loved that Macy’s decided to shed light on the not-so-fortunate families at Christmas time – those who are separated for the holidays because of their duty to our country. I so appreciate Macy’s nod to those who are deployed or even those who have to work on Christmas, whose hard work and sacrifices allow us to enjoy our holidays at home with our loved ones safe and sound.

Just a quick reminder to keep those servicemen and women as well as their families in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas.

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