Meet the Co-Pilots

Hi! We’re Natalee and Jordan! We’re so happy that you’re here. The two of us met and roomed together while attending Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!). We bonded over food science classes and the many “what-ifs” that came with the prospective future of being military spouses. Our husbands were both Hokies as well that met in Air Force ROTC and Virginia Tech engineering classes. If you told us back then that we’d have a blog for military spouses in a few years we probably wouldn’t have been surprised. I guess you could say we knew they were “the ones.” There were so many questions in our heads then and we still have so many questions now. We are here to talk and we are certainly here to listen. Our goal for this blog is to support other military spouses by sharing advice and creating a network to make the toughest job in the military just a little bit easier.

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