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  • #WhileHeWasAway I Got Promoted.

    When my husband left for deployment, I made a list of all the worthwhile things I could do to make the most of my time by myself. My list looked a ...

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    #WhileHeWasAway I Got Promoted.
  • #WhileHeWasAway Campaign

    One of the most challenging things about being a military spouse is being without your husband. This necessary evil is inevitable when your husband is ...

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    #WhileHeWasAway Campaign
  • 6 Reasons To Travel While Your Spouse is Deployed

      I think every spouse has his or her ways of getting through deployments. Being that this is my very first deployment experience, I often ...

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    6 Reasons To Travel While Your Spouse is Deployed
  • The Silent Rank

    "You knew what you were signing up for." A phrase we so often hear from individuals who have never experienced this military spouse lifestyle. I even ...

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    The Silent Rank
  • Grace

    It was 5:30 in the morning when I heard our 100 year old wooden floors creak under the pitter patter of tiny feet dancing into our bedroom. Groggily, ...

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